I wish to meet Vancouver Canuck, Alex Burrows

Wishes are as unique as the kids who make them. In Ben’s case, born with a congenital heart defect, the wish was definitely unique and very specific.

Ben has a love of wonton soup, and over the years he’s taken his taste buds to many Lower Mainland restaurants to try steaming hot bowls of his favourite offerings.

Ben also has a love of hockey.

The Vancouver Canucks are his favourite team, and veteran right-winger Alexandre Burrows is his favourite player. And so,
from these two passions—one of fire and one of ice—Ben’s wish was born. 

Ben had a chance do more than just chat with the beloved Canuck over a bowl of soup. Ben was invited to Rogers Arena to watch a Canucks practice before sharing in a limo ride with Burrows en route to Kirin Restaurant in downtown Vancouver. Postmeal, Burrows surprised Ben with a team jersey and tickets for Ben’s whole family to go to the next night’s Canucks game.

For the most part, Ben was happy just to be quiet, and soak in every moment of his unique experience, but his father, Jerry, had a lot to say about it all. 

“It was awesome. [We were] blown away by Burrows’ genuine nature. He was so down to earth,” said Jerry. “The way the wish was all set up was… such a positive moment for our whole family. The people involved were all first class. Just to see that people care; that to me was amazing.”

Thank you to the Canucks organization for helping to make Ben’s wish come true! For a feature length story by the Canucks on this special wish, click here.

Photo Credit: Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks

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