I wish to be a paramedic!

Meghan was born with something called Neurocutanious melanousous and her wish was to be a British Columbia Paramedic. Meghan likes anything to do with the medical field and she likes going fast so she thought it would be a good combination. When Meghan met Darlene, she would be with her for the next two days - giving her a Paramedic uniform to wear and keep.

"When I put that uniform on, it felt right. It felt like this is what I’m supposed to be."

"It sure is something to see when you’re inside the ambulance when the lights and sirens go off and how the traffic just parts. We stopped in downtown emergency rooms to see what was happening.  There was nothing too bad. I walked through the doors that read 'Medical Personnel Only'.  I stood talking with other paramedics beside their ambulances and waved at passing ambulances as we drove down the road.  

On the drive back home I tried to remember everything: the inside of the ambulance, the noises on the radio, my paramedic partner Darlene and how it felt to be part of a BC Paramedic team.  I will never forget my amazing paramedic wish!"

- Meghan.


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