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Rose's baby sea turtle wish

This past summer, young Rose had her wish come true. She and her twin sister Nina are alike in so many ways. Save a small birthmark on Rose’s chin and Nina being a little bit taller, they are identical. By their parent’s accounts, they’re both quite shy. Both kids...

Jillian's heartfelt wish to swim with dolphins: #MyLifeNow

Some people start their lives in dramatic fashion, just like Jillian did back in 1993, when she had open-heart surgery when she was just 30 hours old. Born with a congenital, often-fatal, heart defect called hypoplastic left heart (HLHS) syndrome, it meant Jillian was born with a heart that...

I wish to meet Polar Bears!

Travelling from Kaleden, BC, 8½-year-old  Zachary with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) & Renal Failure wished to see polar bears in their natural habitat.