• 2 100 Wishes Granted


Dec 4, 2017—Today is a day 34 years in the making as Make-A-Wish® BC & Yukon has proudly granted its 2000th wish to 13-year-old Keygan, who has been battling a recent lymphoma diagnosis.


Keygan wished for a new gaming computer, and over the weekend his wish came true as part of a huge surprise reveal at the culmination of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Dash at Port Moody’s Rocky point park.


“This is an exciting moment in our chapter’s history,” said Ross Hetherington, CEO, Make-A-Wish BC & Yukon. “It’s especially poetic, to have a chance to grant this milestone wish in front of a group of people who are helping us fundraise to grant future wishes.”


Keygan’s wish was revealed in front of hundreds of participants of the annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Dash, a 5km run in support of Make-A-Wish. Keygan thought he was saying a few words about what having his wish granted will be like. Little did he know, his wish was about to unfold right there in front of him, with Keygan being handed a huge stock of new computer and gaming gear, courtesy of Best Buy Canada and Microsoft Canada, to make his gaming wish a reality. The fun didn't stop there, though, as long-time Make-A-Wish supporters Electronic Arts are hosting Keygan for a studio tour and reception, to make Keygan's wish experience even more incredible.


“While Keygan struggled to be brave and get through testing and treatments, “said Keygan’s mom, Allison, “he would close his eyes and think about how this new super-cool computer was going to be just the best! I know when Keygan was having a hard time, whether it was waiting for results after a test, or being put into treatment rooms without windows or Wi-Fi for a week, or being poked and x-rayed and injected...we would talk about this 'wish'…. Thank you for all the awesomeness that has come our way!”


“We’re thrilled to have Keygan represent this 2000th wish milestone,” said Hetherington. “He’s a unique kid, just like the 1,999 wish kids that came before him. Our aim is always to transform lives one wish at a time. Every wish that we grant takes a village, and today our village has come together to transform a life, and witness that transformation. We would rather no child ever have to suffer a critical illness, but if they do, we`re glad we can be here to bring hope, strength, and joy into their lives, through days like this.”


Photo: Ross Hetherington, CEO, Make-A-Wish BC & Yukon (right) helps present Keygan (centre) with his new computer gear while Keygan's mom and brother look on.