What is a Wish?

Fantasy and Experiential Wishes HPotter

“I wish to be . . .”
Many children make fantasy wishes. They wish to be a Hogwarts Student, a Vancouver Canuck or their favourite princess.  They may even wish to be a supermodel for a day and be in a magazine – the possibilities are endless.




Travel Wishes

“I wish to go . . .”
Children make wishes to travel to places like Australia, Disneyworld (Florida), London, Mexico & South Africa.  Others wish to travel closer to home to ride on a train through the mountains to Whistler.    Some travel to events like a Green Bay Packers game, or ask to visit the set of  Modern Family.  Travel wishes take children as far as their imagination will allow.


Gift WishesDSCI1534

“I wish to have . . .”
Gift wishes include IPods, Mac Laptop computers and home entertainment centers.  They may also turn into shopping sprees and more unusual dreams like backyard playhouses & hockey rinks!


Celebrity Wishes

IMG_0164“I wish to meet . . .”
Some children wish to meet someone very special; a celebrity who has been a hero, a role-model in the community or someone who has inspired them through a very difficult time in their life.  We have fulfilled wishes to meet Ryan Kesler, Drake, One Direction and Selena Gomez.