How is a Wish Granted?

Many people ask us, “How is a wish granted?”


Below is our step-by-step Wish Granting process:

  • A child is referred to Make-A-Wish. There are several ways to refer a child: by phone, e-mail, fax or by clicking on this link.
  • Parents/Guardians, medical professionals, social workers, or the child themselves can begin the process.  (Please ensure that the family is aware of the referral before contacting us).
  • Our office contacts the child’s physician and our medical advisor for authorization that the child meets our medical criteria.
  • After receiving medical authorization, we inform the wish family and assign a volunteer Wish Interviewer.
  • Upon qualification we will contact the family with our guide to wishing.  Once read, our volunteer Wish Interviewer arranges to visit the family.
  • During their visit, the Wish Interviewer has one very important responsibility: to help a child identify their one heartfelt wish. They will also find out a second and third wish (just in case the first one is not approved by the doctor, or is one of the few wishes that our chapter cannot endorse).
  • We contact the child’s doctor for approval that the wish is safe and appropriate for the child’s medical condition.  Paperwork will be sent to the family to completed.
  • Once we receive medical approval and paperwork back from the family, a volunteer Wish Grantor will contact the family and begin the magical work of making a wish happen.
  • The volunteer Wish Grantor will stay in touch with the family as they plan the wish.
  • With the help of community members (and sometimes magical intervention), Wish Grantors dream up surprises, seek donations, organize itineraries and set dates.
  • On the wish day itself, the family sits back as the wish unfolds- often with special joys and serendipitous touches.

  ”Just imagine the best possible day in your life and times it by two!”