Benton meets his hockey hero

Benton’s wish to meet his favourite hockey player, Alex Burrows, was granted in 2011 when Benton was 8 years old.  Needing a well deserved break from treatment for leukemia, Benton’s wish was super cool and included riding in a limo to the arena, watching the game with friends and family from a suite and finally, [...]

Corey: Stonehenge was AMAZING!

Corey’s been dealing with a congenital heart defect since he was born.  It’s not been easy.  When he was 17, his wish to visit London, England was granted in July 2010.  In his words it was “amazing!”  Corey and his family took in all the sites including the London Eye, Trafalgar Square, the Museum of [...]

Emma: from singing in her playhouse to writing her own songs

Wish year: 2000 Emma was just 4 years old and receiving treatment for neuroblastoma when she wished for a playhouse. She’s been singing ever since and today she’s focused on school and music and would ultimately love to have a recording career! If you could recall why you wished to have a playhouse and what [...]

Keegan: My wish gave me hope and strength

Wish year: 2004 When Keegan was 11 years old, he and his family went off to Walt Disney World for his wish.  Today, he is 19 years old and doing well. I had a cancerous tumor in my abdomen the size of a soccer ball. The doctors had never seen that type of tumor in [...]

Jenna’s Stanley Cup wish of a lifetime

Wish year: 2008 Jenna was 15 years old and in grade 10 when her wish to see a Stanley Cup playoff game in Pittsburgh came true.  Just four and a half years earlier, Jenna had suffered a severe bleed near her brain stem and almost lost her life.  Hockey was something she enjoyed together with [...]