Aidan: My very special flight to Walt Disney World

Wish Year: 1999 Aidan was just three years old and receiving treatment for liver cancer when he went to Walt Disney World in Florida for his wish.  But Aidan got there on a very special flight.  American Airlines invited the BC Chapter of Make-A-Wish to participate in their annual Wish Flight.  At the time Wish [...]

Kayte took the Big Apple by storm!

On March 5, 2007 at 5:30 p.m., Kayte’s life changed when doctors confirmed cancer in her right ovary.  On one of her darkest days during treatment, Kayte heard the news that she would be granted a wish.  Her wish to visit New York City happened a year later.  Now a vibrant 22 year old young [...]

Eden meets Cinderella at Walt Disney World!

Wish year: 2005 If you could recall why you wanted to go to Walt Disney World and what was the BEST part of that wish for you? I wanted to go to Walt Disney World because I wanted to meet Cinderella. The best part was when I got to meet Cinderella and many other Princesses’ [...]

Bridget: THIS plane ride was way better!

Bridget, who was 4 years old at the time of her wish in 2004, had a congenital heart condition since birth.  Disneyland seemed like much more fun than any hospital! I wanted to go to Disneyland because I loved all the characters on the Disney videos. My two brothers would talk about going to Disneyland [...]

Ella: still having ice cream parties!

Wish year: 2007 Ella was just 5 years old when she went on her wish to Walt Disney World.  She is now a healthy, active 11 year old who loves soccer, snowboarding and hanging out with her friends. In June 2012, Ella had her final visit to BC Children’s Hospital and was given the thumbs [...]