Ali:Jumping for joy!

Ali was just 4 years old and dealing with leukemia when she wished for her very own trampoline.  Today, she’s an active and healthy 14 year old who loves sports and will be starting high school this year. “I wished for a trampoline because I am very active and it was fun to have my [...]

Mike’s FIFA World Cup soccer wish

Wish year: 2006 At the time of my wish I was 18 years old and just about to finish high school. I wished to go to Germany to see the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament. Soccer has been my primary sport since I was 4 years old.  I played competitively on the local rep team [...]

Brandy meets her hero

Wish Year: 2004 It was 2003 and I was diagnosed with ITP, which means I had abnormally low platelets. Having this blood disorder changed my life.  I had to hold back from sports, dance and sometimes going to school (due to worries about excessive bleeding?).  This was my grade 7 year and I wanted to [...]

Jordan: What kid doesn’t want to go to Walt Disney World?

Wish Year: 1998 Jordan was born with spinal muscular atrophy, an inherited neuromuscular disease. Now that I am twenty-one, I look back on my wish and as a six year old when I got to make my wish, Walt Disney World just seemed to be the obvious choice. I mean, what kid doesn’t want to [...]

Paige: Playing my piano took me to a world of my own

Hi, my name is Paige and I am 16 years old. When I was 10, I was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. In the blink of an eye, my life was turned upside down. I went from living the life of a regular child to fighting for my life; having to deal with doctors, [...]