Joel’s wish to Jerusalem

Having a longtime interest in religion, 18 year old Joel asked to travel to Jerusalem to take in historic sites. Thanks to help from Make-A-Wish Israel, his dream came true. It was a long journey to get there from Armstrong, BC and an even longer journey dealing with leukemia. But all of this was forgotten [...]

Wish #1,500: Nicholas goes to Cars Land!

When Nicholas was just three years old, unlike other kids his age, he seemed constantly tired.  Even though he was enrolled at an indoor soccer program, he wasn’t that interested in playing which was unusual for him. When he almost passed out one day back in 2009, his parents Lisa and Stacy rushed him to [...]

Sofia: My art studio inspires me

Wish year: 2010 Sofia has been dealing with Cystic Fibrosis her entire life.  Her wish for an art studio bedroom was granted when she was 17.  Today, she’s 20 and doing well!  This is her story. Since childhood it has always been my sincere desire to become an artist. So when I was offered the [...]

Catherine: My wish gave me something to look forward to

Wish year:  2000 9 year old Catherine was just finished treatment for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when she and her family visited Walt Disney World for her wish. “The best part was that I could travel with my family while being in relatively good health. I had missed the days when I could interact with people without [...]

Heidi: Weightless & free in the waters of Hawaii

Wish year: 2009 My name is Heidi.  I am nineteen years old and three years ago my family and I were very blessed to receive a wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. My wish was to go to Maui Hawaii and Make-A-Wish allowed that dream to come true. At birth I was diagnosed with a condition [...]