Paige – “I wish to go to Mexico!”

From time to time wanting to go to Mexico is a trip that most of us have wished for – but for 3 year old Paige from Nelson, BC this trip meant everything, especially the opportunity to be in Mexico at the same place with her Grandma. Paige was diagnosed with a brain tumor (Pilocytic [...]

Frog Choir, Triwizard Rally and some very cool wands!

8 year old Nathan, from Surrey BC has struggled with Thalamic Astrocytoma (a low grade brain tumor) since 2011.  Nathan is a very resilient child but like most kids who suffer with a life-threatening medical condition, has had to deal with many challenges along the way since his diagnosis.    “Our lives had been ripped, turned and [...]

Go Canucks-Kesler x 2

When 9 year old Skyler’s little brother ‘Kesler’ was born, Skyler had no idea that one day he would meet his idol Ryan Kesler, who his little brother was named after. Skyler has lived with a serious heart condition and since birth has always wanted to meet Ryan and the Canucks; with the hope of [...]

Kayla had the time of her life

“Kayla had the time of her life” – Christinea, Kayla’s Mom  Kayla, 10 years old who has Rett Syndrome with Epilepsy has always wanted to go to Walt Disney World®, the home of some of her favorite characters (especially Aladdin & Rapunzel!).  Kayla’s wish came true in late November & along with her family, Kayla [...]

Smiles from ear to ear for Liam

San Diego, California is known not only for its natural beauty and sunshine – but also for the world famous San Diego Zoo, Sea World and Liam’s favorite – LEGOLAND® California Resort! 9 year old Liam (who has been battling a brain tumor) had smiles from ear to ear upon returning from his wish to visit [...]