Smiles from ear to ear for Liam

San Diego, California is known not only for its natural beauty and sunshine – but also for the world famous San Diego Zoo, Sea World and Liam’s favorite – LEGOLAND® California Resort! 9 year old Liam (who has been battling a brain tumor) had smiles from ear to ear upon returning from his wish to visit [...]

Cheyann falls in love with Mayor Clayton

6-year-old Cheyann has endured a long battle fighting leukemia, but whenever she sees a Walt Disney World commercial come on TV, her day always becomes a bit brighter. When she learned that she qualified for a wish, she knew right away that she wanted to meet her favourite Princess – Ariel!  Cheyann eagerly asked her [...]

Adrian’s week of fun

8 year old Adrian was all set to jet off to sunny California for his wish to Disneyland.  But before he could go, our friends at Cactus Club (Kingsway-Burnaby) pulled out all the stops for an amazing Bon Voyage party, complete with a Mickey Mouse cake! It was a jam packed wish week as Adrian, [...]

Emma’s epic trip to Disneyland

I can honestly say that from a parent’s perspective, every aspect of Emma’s wish was a highlight. Having her friend Faith accompany her on this wish trip was a definite highlight for Emma and having the “front of the Line” passes at all the theme parks allowed Emma to go on rides and see shows [...]

Ice cream all day, every day for Rene!

After receiving treatment for stage IV neuroblastoma, a tumor that started on his adrenal gland and metastasized to 90% of his bones before diagnosis, five year old Rene was ready to ditch the hospital and have some fun on his wish to Walt Disney World! It was an action packed week that included visits to [...]