Jakob’s Wish

JAKOB’S WISH – To Go to Atlantis Jakob, 7 years old wished to go to Atlantis, the fun-filled family resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. For the past 4 years, Jakob, who has Portal Vein Thrombosis has had to endure some tough times. The wish trip became a turning point for Jakob and his brother and [...]

Bronwyn’s Wish – “I wish to hold a Panda Bear in China”

9 year old Bronwyn’s Wish was to hold a Panda Bear in China. Originally from Nanchang, China (now living in Salmon Arm, B.C.)  this wish turned into something much more for Bronwyn and her family. “We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful trip we had!  And it was SO good for Bronwyn.  Even though [...]

Matthew’s Wish – “I wish to go to a Green Bay Packers game”

Are you ready for some football? The first weekend in November, Matthew, his Dad Dave and his 2 brothers Peter & Chris made their way to ‘The Frozen Tundra’ in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Matt, diagnosed at 16 years old with a Yolk Sac Tumor, from Surrey, BC wished to go to a Green Bay Packers [...]

Zachary – “I wish to see Polar Bears!”

“Standing face to face with a curious but relaxed polar bear, with only deer fencing separating you from such a magnificent animal at home in its natural habitat – we were fully aware that this wish was outside the typical scope of wishes.” -  Zachary’s Mom, Sarah.   Travelling from Kaleden, BC, 8 ½ year [...]

Denise’s Wish – “I wish to go to Disneyland”

 Denise, 3 years old with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis wished to go to Disneyland to meet Minnie, Mickey and Goofy. “During our week long vacation, our family stayed in Homewood Suites which was very nice and spacious and close to Disneyland. Denise really liked the place especially the pool area and the waiting area in the lobby because of [...]