Elephant trekking in Thailand anyone?

After dealing with lymphoma, 17 year old Michael longed for a more exotic adventure for his wish. Michael knew he wanted to go somewhere tropical …. somewhere he’d never been before to experience a different culture. In March 2011, Michael, his parents and his sister Nikki set off to Thailand! After a long journey, they [...]

“Totally awesome!” thanks to Sony Canada!

Lucas dreamed of a big screen television, a surround sound system and a Playstation 3. He also mentioned that a new IPOD would be awesome, but he didn’t want to ask for too much. Thanks to the generosity of SONY Canada, Lucas got more than he bargained for! The Friday evening Lucas’ wish unfolded with [...]

Tristan’s Big Apple adventure!

Tristan wanted to visit The Big Apple to see for himself the filming locations of some of his favourite movies. On August 12th, Tristan and his family set off on their week-long adventure. Tristan has Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy and uses a wheelchair to get around, but that didn’t stop him from experiencing everything New York [...]

Snorkelling & Ziplining & Surfing…in Maui!

What you come to realize right away after spending some time with 12 year old Grace, is that after receiving a liver transplant, Grace is fearless.  Grace had a long list of requested adventures in store for her on her recent wish to Maui.   Surfing lessons, ziplining, snorkeling…she did it all and loved every moment [...]

Rangina goes on a shopping spree!

Rangina had been pondering her wish for some time. Finally, it came to her; she wanted a fun-filled shopping spree at Metropolis at Metrotown, her favourite mall.  What she didn’t expect, was a day full of awesome surprises. Rangina, her Mother and her sister felt like celebrities when the stretch limo pulled up to their house to [...]