Ice cream all day, every day for Rene!

After receiving treatment for stage IV neuroblastoma, a tumor that started on his adrenal gland and metastasized to 90% of his bones before diagnosis, five year old Rene was ready to ditch the hospital and have some fun on his wish to Walt Disney World!

It was an action packed week that included visits to the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure AND SeaWorld!  The fun never stopped and neither did Rene, who fit in as much as he could.

His parents reported:  “He got to stay at the wonderful Give Kids the World village where we had a spacious, comfortable villa, free buffet meals, private character photo meetings, an interactive water play area, ice cream all day every day, kind volunteers to spoil us and magical treats.  Rene had so much fun it was impossible to get him to bed before 10:00 pm!”

Rene’s favourite ride was Thunder Mountain, which he went on it three times in a row!  He also got to attend the Jedi Knight training camp.  His instructor gave him the light saber that he used to slay Darth Vader and he loves it!

Dad Luis had the best quote of all when he said, “I forgot to be scared for a whole week!”

Our thanks to the organizers of last year’s Johnson Street Festival for making Rene’s wish possible.